Pre Workout - What is the Best Pre Workout

Pre Workout - What is the Best Pre Workout 

Natural sources of Nitrates include foods such as Beetroot and leafy green vegetables.  In human bodies, Nitrates breakdown to form the nitrites which are circulated within our systems. Our bodies convert the stored nitrites into nitric oxide (NO) when needed.

Physically active people can gain numerous benefits from elevated levels of NO in their system; however, Nitrates are not commercially sold as dietary supplements.

This is due to the regulatory restrictions that prevent the use of high amounts of sodium nitrates as food additives used for meat products.


•             Enhances the production of ATP

•             Improves blood circulation

•             Improves anaerobic and aerobic endurance

•             Enhances muscles & Boost work output.

The optimal dose is based on your weight; however, to get the desired benefits, you should consume about 600mg to 800mg at least two hours before your workout, ONLY to be taken on training days.


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